Property ID - 9450201

Property Name - Tank Farm for sale

Location - Porthacourt ,Porthacourt

Price - $90,000,000 /

No of Offers: 0



Mega Farmtank and Bitumen Tanks For Sale

Location Port Harcourt
Price $90M asking
Land sizes 7 4 Hectares
Tittle CofO

Facilities include
Tank farm comprising of 9 Tanks
Capacity 70 000 Metric Tons

1 Bitumen tank
1 LPFO tank
DPk kin
2 PMS tanks
4 Ago tanks
Product Receiving area pump use with 7 dedicated pumps

Loading bay has dedicated 8 loading arms installed with adequate grounding and digital loading devices

Quality control unit Features equipped lab DPK and AGO flash tester
Distiller measuring cylinders Thermometer Hydrometer Dry Oven Test tubes

safety equipment and facilities Including capacity fire pumps 30 fire line with pillars stands 2 faom tank on trolley fire truck fire alarm system cameras and monitor 2 units of lightening arrestor 1million litre fresh water tank

steady power unit the depot is powered by 3 alternatives


S/N Type File
No Documents Found

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