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Liquid Bricks Solution is the First platform where “real” Real Estate & Infrastructure Related Transactions take place between stakeholders within the Real Estate and Infrastructure value chain. It offers a One-Stop Shop for all Real Estate and Infrastructure needs. It is the first and largest online gathering of property Buyers & Sellers, Landlords & Renters, Lessors & Lessees, Investors, Developers, Property Owners, Contract Awardees, etc for actual transactions. It also offers the largest online gathering of real estate Professional Brokers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Agents, etc.

Liquid Bricks is beyond a property advertisement platform or a property listing website or a meeting point for property buyers and sellers, it is a Real Time Digital Clearinghouse for all Real Estate and Infrastructure Transactions amongst all stakeholders in the Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry.


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our solutions

liquid buy

Buy Genuine and Verified Properties ...

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With Liquid Bricks our Clients can buy any property of their choice with verified title.

liquid sell

Upload Your Property FREE and Sell it FAST...

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List and sell your property at a premium price as we have a pool of standby Clients to buy your type of property.

liquid rent

Rent Property of Choice from Reliable Landlords...

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Do you want to rent a property, Liquid Bricks is opened with a wide range of properties to choose a home from.

liquid let

Upload for Free & Get Suitable Tenants ...

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Our Clients are encouraged to, directly or through our Attorneys, list their properties for letting out to tenants with verifiable source of income, giving wide visibility to the listed property.

liquid lease

Check out Genuine Properties Available for Lease...

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A suitable home and an office for a fixed term above 3 (Three) years is possible as you choose from streams of listed properties on our website by real owners and/or administrators. Navigate, select and make an offer!

liquid lease out

Get Serious Clients Ready to Lease Your Property...

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Our subscribers are open to list their properties for real time accessibility to potential Lessees to view information on a varieties of properties listed for an informed decision.

liquid invest

Make Great Profit from Our Varieties of Investments...

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Liquid Bricks offers fantastically profitable investments in real estate and infrastructure, be it a Joint Venture, B.O.T., etc for individual investors, multiple investors ( Crowd Funding) and corporate investors. We broker transactions and act as project managers between investors and project owners, more than just creating a meeting point.

liquid project

Get Your Project Funded by Reliable Investors/Developers...'

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Project Financing is a problem our solution resolves for Clients with our pool of investors, listed and ready to invest in projects financing for profitable considerations.

why liquid bricks?

Liquid Bricks figures out the most suitable secured real estate investment for your financial reality. Be it a partnership, a project financier, a termed investment on infrastructure, a developer option, a joint venture package, you have the master planners. Liquid Bricks goes on to place before you more than needed to inform the final decision on investment package. “How about you have a plot of land and no money to develop it and Liquid Bricks facilitates a developer investor to develop your fallow land for some suitable consideration that could pass as a Win-Win consideration?”

Due Diligence

When it comes to risks associated with real investment, it is most often the fear of buying or investing in a property without a good root of title or one subject to dispute. Liquid Bricks has put in place a policy of running a due diligence check of all listed properties on its website. Due diligence include title documents verification at the applicable Land’s registry, physical inspections, meetings with stakeholders to ensure a seamless and genuine transactions with verified sources.

Marketing Your Property And Project

Liquid Bricks is a sure and secured platform to sell, buy and market Client’s projects for investors. Liquid Bricks has a pool of Standby Investors/financiers that are opened to invest in real estate project financing and development from which Clients could source from.

Diversity of Investment Options

Liquid Bricks offers a fluid platform of business plans to investors whose interest is secured return on financial investment with our bouquet of liquid buy, liquid sell, liquid rent, liquid let, liquid lease, liquid lease out, liquid invest, and liquid project

Dreams Within Budget

Do you desire a home of your own to fulfil your dreams of no worry about rent and space sharing hazards; but you do not have the chunk of money to live that dream? Liquid Bricks have you to think about. Liquid Bricks fill in the gap between your dreams and current financial status by offering you a very wide price range of your dream home to soothe your economic reality. What about our Liquid solution brokers for you an installment payment plan on the property you desire to acquire?

Secured Investment

Many a times potential investors assume real estate is mostly about buying and selling residential houses or opened lands for Agriculture. Wrong! Liquid Bricks has proven over time again and again to guide potential investors of all categories to harness the industry of infrastructure and real Estate for a secured investment beyond buying and selling a house. Real Estate and Infrastructure industry is one of the most secured industry with a consistent potential for appreciation in value added and this is why

  1. Real Estate has a predictable cash flow
  2. Your Real Estate investment appreciates in value at least 15% annually
  3. The value of Real Estate is improvable by an investor by improving its quality in any way possible
  4. Your best retirement plan because it is tangible. When you are too weary to manage it, sell it at the current value and retire well with the proceeds
  5. Lower tax rates
  6. Real Estate investment is easily understandable because people can easily relate to it because of its tangible nature
  7. An investor can begin with pulled resources or crowd funding of Investment with all actors’ interest secured
Taking Care of Your Investment Security Concerns

Liquid Bricks goes in details to do due diligence on searches, investigation on titles, pending disputes, physical inspection of property for latent defect. So that subscribers can make an informed decision.

understanding project investment and financing

Liquid Project or Project Financing:
  1. “Abu has a vast expanse of a virgin land typically a forest zone. Abu wants to sell some plots of his land, but no one would want to buy a forest or thick bush. He does not have the capital funds to clear and level the land to attract buyers. At this point, he needs a financier for a joint venture".
  2. "Abu contacts Liquid Bricks to list his Land for sourcing for a project financier. Tayo, a project financier/investor listed with Liquid Bricks also takes interest in the venture as listed by Abu and makes an offer on fair term of payment with plots of Land. Abu accepts offer and the project is funded for clearing for plots of land to be sold” - LBRIX.COM
  3. Liquid Bricks has a bouquet of flexible arrangements to help you get all kinds of your real estate and infrastructural projects financed with ease.
Liquid Invest or Real Estate Investment:
  1. “Mr. Emeka has 5 Plots of Land somewhere in Lekki Phase one worth N800,000,000.00 (Eight Hundred Million Naira), Lagos State and he want to develop it into a commercial building as a shopping complex, but has no money to develop it. Mr. Emeka approaches Liquid Bricks to list the Property as a joint Venture.
  2. GloryLand Limited is a joint Venture capitalist company who invest in real estate solutions. The company saw Mr. Emeka’s joint Venture listing on the website of Liquid Bricks and makes an offer to develop a high rise building of 10 Storeys worth N1,000,000,000 .00 (One Billion Naira Only) . GloryLand Limited contributes its money for the development and then Mr. Emeka contribute his Land as an equity. The Joint Venture Parties may agree to share the building among themselves with the ratio of 4 to 6 floors and necessary conveyance/contractual documents executed”. This and many more are available for investors who desire a secured and bankable transaction on LBRIX.COM

become an attorney

Liquid Bricks provide opportunity for professionals to broker transactions across our services. On our Liquid Attorney App professionals such as Solicitors, Professional Estate Agents, Estate Surveyors & Valuers and Real Estate Companies are allowed to broker our services on behalf of their client who desires to buy, sell, rent, let, lease or lease out a property or invest in or seek finance for a project.

We provide a transparent and level playing ground that creates a win-win oppprtunity for Liquid Attorneys and their clients and help guarantee that attorneys get due reward for their services.

Want to become a Liquid Attorney and start earning via Liquid Bricks?

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